Issue 2 and Volume 97.

The WATCH DESK Our inquiring reporer overhauls the firemanic news of the day Can’t Cash Ashes! It was a sad day for Gene Miller, Standish (Mo.). He lost his shirt, saw $21 of his money go up in smoke, and to top it all off, discovered one popular theory concerning banking was the bunk. Gene awakened on a certain morn’ to find his shirt blazing from a lighted cigarette. Carefully sifting the remains of his “hard earned’ from the burned shirt, he rustled it to the bank, only to learn that the rumor the government would replace currency ash with hard cash has no basis in fact! Water Fails, Beer Dood It! At the tavern of George Imperial, the Bronx (N. Y. C.) they usta say that water is only good to wash with. After a fire in the beer pump (of all places!!) one night had burned on despite…

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