Financial Condition of Cities Improving Steadily

Issue 2 and Volume 97.

Financial Condition of Cities Improving Steadily Reduction in Bonded Indebtedness Being Accomplished in Most Communities TWO years of war have radically changed fiscal conditions in practically all cities and towns in the United States, in most municipalities income has risen, expenses have dropped or been held static, and debt has been reduced. A few years ago communities faced the problem of raising revenues to meet swollen relief rolls and of calculating to what extent debt might be increased to provide for essential capital improvements. Today, municipalities generally are flush with funds, but find difficulty in obtaining materials and manpower to extend water, fire protection and sewage services, or to erect needed public buildings. As a consequence, the financial condition of most municipalities has improved materially since Pearl Harbor. Astute public officials are well aware that some of this improvement is more apparent than real. Some of the increased revenue represents…

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