Instructors Meet in Memphis

Issue 2 and Volume 97.

Instructors Meet in Memphis The Sixteenth Annual Fire Department Instructors’ Conference was held in Memphis, Tennessee, from January 11-14. It proved to be the largest meeting the Conference ever conducted, there being approximately 450 registered. Many technical subjects were discussed, including firemen-training, work of the Underwriters’ Laboratories, changes in first aid practices for burns, training of fire department officers, use of fog nozzles, relaying of water, educating employes in fire safety, combating the work of the arsonist, Junior fire departments, replacing fire department personnel, work of volunteer fire chiefs, fire service post-war problems, “The selling problem” of the Fire Service after the war, fire apparatus and equipment priorities, prevention of fire department accidents, first aid, fire department radio, fighting fires in explosives and ammunition in transit, training firemen in airplane crash fire fighting, adoption of the Fire Guard system to local needs, automatic protective devices, chemistry of industrial fires, municipal…

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