Convention Dates

Issue 3 and Volume 97.

Convention Dates Mar. 28-30—GREATER NEW YORK SAFETY COUNCIL. Annual meeting, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York, N. Y. May 8-11—NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, Philadelphia, Pa. General manager, Percy Bugbee, 60 Batterymarch Street, Boston. Mass. May 22-24— NEW YORK STATE FIRE CHIEFS ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting. Utica,N. Y. Secretary. Chief Henry Drake, Clinton Corners, New York. Aug. 7-12—PENNSYLVANIA FIREMEN’S TRAINING CONFERENCE. Annual meeting. Lewistown, Pa. Aug. 15-17—PACIFIC COAST ASSOCIATION OF FIRE CHIEFS. Annual meeting. Secretary, Chief Jay W. Stevens, Merchants Exchange Building. San Francisco, Cal. Aug. 22-25—INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OP’ FIRE CHIEFS. Annual meeting. Grand Rapids. Mich. Secretary. Chief Daniel B. Tierney, 8 Robbins Road, Arlington, Mass. Oct. 2-4—INTERNATIONAL MUNICIPAL SIGNAL ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting. Boston. Mass. Secretary, Irvin Shulsinger, 8 East 41 Street, New York, N. Y.

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