Fiftieth Birthday for Laboratories

Issue 3 and Volume 97.

Fiftieth Birthday for Laboratories Underwriters’ Laboratories this year celebrates its fiftieth year of service to industry as an organization functioning for the purpose of reducing fire and accident hazards of manufactured equipment and for assuring the efficacy of fire protection equipment. Established in 1894 for the primary purpose of investigating the electrical fire hazards of the incandescent lighting system, the Laboratories’ work has expanded so that its current Listings of Inspected Appliances include 375,000 products made by over 5,000 manufacturers. These products have been investigated to determine compliance with standards—of which there are 175 or more — developed by Underwriters’ Laboratories in cooperation with manufacturers of the equipment. The products are not only investigated to determine initial compliance with the standards but are also inspected periodically at factories to determine continuing conformity. The investigation of these products is conducted at three testing stations, the main one at Chicago and two…

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