A Fire Fighting Family

Issue 3 and Volume 97.

A Fire Fighting Family Fire Chief G. Ronald Gehrig of the Mount Morris (N. Y.) Fire Department is serving his fifth year as chief of this volunteer organization. Chief Gehrig, who was the youngest fire chief in Western New York when first elected to this position, comes from a fire-fighting family. His brother. Kenneth, is chief of the Jamesville (N. Y.) Fire Department. and their dad. Frank W. Gehrig, is president of the Active Hose Company of Mount Morris. His father-in-law, A. J. Porter, is retired chief of the Sonyea (N. Y.) Fire Department, and a cousin, John McCarthy, is retired chief of the Corning (N. Y.) Fire Department. Another cousin is Lieutenant Erwin Schupmehl, also of the Corning Fire Department. The Mount Morris Fire Department is made up of three companies, the Living Stream Hose Company, Active Hose Company and the Seymour Chemical Company. The department is equipped with…

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