Issue 3 and Volume 97.

INTERESTING HEAT PHENOMENA AT DALLAS MAGNESIUM FIRE Violent Up-Draught Draws Cold Air Along Ground to Fire; Interesting Effects Produced THE following is the report of Chief L. M Funk of the Dallas, Texas, Fire Department, on the magnesium fire which occurred in that city last December 15. Although the account of the fire was published in the January issue of FIRE ENGINEERING, the Editor feels that the complete story will be interesting to the readers in view of the fact that magnesium fires are apt to be more frequent in the future because of the increased uses to which that metal is being put. OWNER: Austin Bridge Company, Dallas, Texas. LOCATION OF PLANT: 1301 Singleton Blvd., In Dallas County—(Not in corporate limits) Buildings The plant consisted of a succession of steel frame, iron clad buildings, the length of which extended north and south, all of which had a common north…

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