Mystery Fire Consumes Cab of Fuel Truck

Issue 3 and Volume 97.

Mystery Fire Consumes Cab of Fuel Truck The entire cab of a new two-ton coal truck was consumed by fire in a mystery blaze recently at the garage of the Thomas J. Fannon and Sons, fuel company in Alexandria, Va., without attracting the attention of fire control officers or passersby. The truck is believed to have burned sometime between 8 P. M. on January 26 and 7 A. M. the following morning when workers opening the locked garage found only a pile of stonefold ashes under the truck and the cab in ruins. Parked in the 70 by 40 foot structure near the truck was a 1,000-gallon fuel oil truck which had a partially filled tank, a private car, some oil burner parts placed within three feet of the burning vehicle and some combustible materials within five feet above the cab. Although the garage was completely free of smoke when…

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