Recreation Center Destroyed

Issue 4 and Volume 97.

Recreation Center Destroyed Fire in the Fall of last year raged through the Wythe Recreation Center, midway between Newport News and Hampton, Va., causing damage estimated at upward of $80,000 and injuring two persons Fire apparatus front Wythe District, Hampton and Newport News fought the stubborn blaze and at one time sixteen lines of hose poured thousands of gallons of water on the flames. Firemen fought the blaze at close range for more than four hours. The fire was discovered about 1:30 a. m. by neighbors who turned in the alarm. Chief Edward Ware brought all of the Wythe District’s equipment to the scene and, as the flames gained headway, summoned help front Hampton and Newport News. Bowling Alleys Destroyed The Wythe Recreation Center housed a bowling alley on the top floor while the ground floor was occupied by the Newport News-Hampton Motor company, the State Division of Motor Vehicles,…

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