Two Killed in Cleveland Stockyards Fire

Issue 4 and Volume 97.

Two Killed in Cleveland Stockyards Fire Two Cleveland, Ohio, firemen were killed and three more firemen and two civilians were injured when fire of undetermined origin swiftly destroyed ten acres of animal pens and adjoining frame buildings at the Cleveland Union Stockyards on March 11. Chief James E. Granger estimated damage to the yards at $200,000. Approximately fifty cattle and twenty-five hogs were killed by the flames. Norman H. Kitzerow and Patrick J. Mangan, both members of Engine Company 20, were killed when a fourteenfoot tile firewall fell on them, burying them under the debris. The fire broke out in the yards at 4 p. m., and the first alarm went in at 4:03. A second was run at 4:12, a third at 4:16 and a “triple-five” and 4:26. All available West Side and downtown apparatus answered. Chief Granger, who directed the twenty-five pieces of equipment fighting the flash blaze,…

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