Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 4 and Volume 97.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Oren Fire Apparatus Company Wins Army-Navy “E” The Oren Fire Apparatus Company, of Roanoke, Va., was awarded the Army-Navy “F.” at ceremonies at the plant on March 15. This company, one of the smaller units of the field, turned out 325 pumpers for the Army and Navy last year. With regard to the origin of the “E” award, the following may be said: In 1906 the Navy instituted in the Fleet an award for excellence which has been known since as the Navy “E”. At First an award for excellence in gunnery, this was later extended to include outstanding performance in engineering and communications. When the rising tide of war in Europe placed a premium on the production of war equipment, the Navy “E” Award was extended to embrace those plants and organizations which showed excellence in producing ships, weapons, and equipment for the Navy. Then came Pearl…

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