Issue 4 and Volume 97.

FALSE ALARMS Ubiquitous Smith Two men worked side by side in a War Production Board office in Washington. They never spoke, but each watched the other. One man quit work daily at 4 o’clock. The other toiled until 6 or later. Some weeks passed. Then the harder working of the two approached the other. “I beg your pardon,” he said. “Do you mind telling me how you clean up your work every day at 4 o’clock?” “Not at all,” said the other man. “When I come to a tough piece of detail, I mark it, ‘Refer to Commander Smith.’ f figure that, in an outfit as large as this, there is sure to be a Commander Smith. And I must be right; none of those papers comes back to me.” The harder worker started to remove his coat. “Brother,” he said, “prepare for action. I’m Commander Smith.” Handicapped When the…

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