Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen

Issue 4 and Volume 97.

Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen IN this installment of the series of articles on “Practical Training for Auxiliary Firemen” are discussed salvage operations. Q. What is meant by salvage work at a fire? A. By salvage work is meant the protection of property from damage by water, the elements and causes during and after a fire. Q. Why is salvage work necessary? A. Salvage work is necessary because at a fire the principal function of a fire department is to extinguish the blaze. In fire extinguishing operations, it is not practical to carry out the operations without discharging quantities of water which find their way by gravity to lower points within the structure. This movement of water may cause severe damage, and it is the purpose of salvage work to protect perishable articles from water (as well as other causes) as well as to direct the water through channels where…

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