Dust Explosion Rips Open Reinforced Concrete Bins

Issue 4 and Volume 97.

Dust Explosion Rips Open Reinforced Concrete Bins Two explosions, a second apart, roared through the Larabee Flour Mills plant in North Kansas City. Mo., on February 18, blasting huge sections of the mill and elevator into a rubble of concrete and brick, and leaving a toll of three dead and twenty-six injured. Fire followed the blasts, a sheet of flame sweeping through the eight-story mill section of the plant and enveloping many of the workmen. Several railroad cars at plant docks were set afire. The explosions, a few minutes before 4 o’clock, ripped parts from the concrete grain storage bins at the rear of the mill, wrecked the concrete headhouse above part of the bins, shattered windows throughout the mill and damaged four boxcars on two railway sidings that parallel the east docks of the plant. The roofs of two of the cars were ripped off. Part of the side…

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