War Fare

Issue 5 and Volume 97.

War Fare Hearse a Fire Truck Oh well, who can beat Yankee ingenuity? A little of that stuff has converted an outmoded hearse into a lifesaving device, according to the Milan (N. H.) press. Members of the town’s auxiliary fire department obtained a serviceable truck by taking a 1934 hearse and adding to it a 500-gallon pump, six pack pumps, a searchlight, two ladders and miscellaneous equipment. It might be a long time before Milan could acquire a bright new standard pumper truck. Meantime, the improvised hearse-pumper is doing its stuff. Why Phosphorus Blazes Earl Elliott, 14-year old Kansas City junior high school student wondered what made phosphorus blaze so hotly on tracer bullets and in incendiary bombs. So he took a small piece from the laboratory jar and stuffed it in his pocket to take home for further study. He was almost to his seat when his trousers burst…

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