Issue 8 and Volume 97.

WITH OUR READERS A Visit to the Belfast Fire Brigade To the Editor: Here are some of the things I saw on my recent visit with the Belfast Fire Brigade, at Fire Brigade Headquarters, Chichester Street, Belfast: The exhibition was devoted to a series of evolutions intended to show all the various appliances in operation, and performed by the crews of the various appliances (their word for apparatus so let’s be Britishly precise in this). The turntable escape rolled from quarters and into the courtyard, taking a position facing the building. The crew jumped off, set the axle load lock on the rear axle, swung out the road jacks and adjusted them, and in an amazingly short time the bed ladder swung up, and started to extend. The operation of the ladder from then on was very much like the control of an American type Hydraulic hoist aerial ladder, and…

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