The Fireman—Superman!

Issue 9 and Volume 97.

The Fireman—Superman! He must— Be as brave as a lion, as strong as an ox; Possess the eye of an eagle, the sagacity of a philosopher, the hide of a rhinoceros, the tenacity of a bulldog, the meekness of a dove, the patience of Job; Be prepared to be blown up, knocked down, gassed, burned and buried alive, shattered, splattered and flattered; Be ready to act as wet nurse, dry nurse, doctor, undertaker, house-breaker, ameliorator, amalgamator, expediter, coordinator, diplomat and— Be agile, servile, deaf, dumb and unconscious, if necessary; Be able to speak English, use a telephone, be guide, counselor and friend, offer advice, and suffer criticism without retaliating— Providing he can fill the bill he may, if he can stick it, some day in the dim distant future die and get his name on a roll of honor! Adapted from the “Collecting Head.”

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