Issue 10 and Volume 97.

FALSE ALARMS Type of Knot In a first-aid class the instructor explained that the cause of fainting was primarily a fault of circulation and that it could be prevented by getting the head lower than the heart. “For instance,” he said, “if you feel faint, and don’t want to call attention to it, just lean over and tie your shoe lace over again.” A woman in the front raised her hand. “What sort of knot should be used?” she asked. The engineer was about to register in the small town hotel when a bedbug slowly crawled across the register. “Well,” he said to the manager, “I’ve been bitten by all sorts of bugs in hotels, hut this is the first time I ever saw a bug crawl down to see what room I’ll be in.” The doctor had just run the length of the station platform in an effort to…

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