War Fare

Issue 10 and Volume 97.

War Fare Nice “Visitor” We dunno as we ever heard of one of those buckets of water, or sand, placed in apartments and residences for use in fighting enemy air bombs being put to work. Just shows how wrong we can be. Mr. Michael Keating, elderly, retired and living alone in a six-story Queens. N.Y.C., apartment building, was placidly pacing his apartment one noon when his meditations were rudely interrupted by a phosphorus flare bomb! This bomb, such as is used by pilots to facilitate a landing on a dark field, or to locate a night objective, came through the .roof of his apartment, then through Mr. Keating’s own ceiling, hit the floor, bounced onto the couch and burst into flame. Almost anybody could be pardoned a bit of panic in this extremity, but not Mr. Keating. Remembering his civilian defense training, he stepped into the hallway, took a bucket…

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