Issue 11 and Volume 97.

FALSE ALARMS Captain: “Now, suppose you are on duty one very dark night. Suddenly a person appears from behind and wraps two arms around you so that you can’t use your rifle. What would you say ?” Cadet: “Let go, honey.” Hey, What Gives? I saw her in a bathing suit; My joy description begs; I never saw such lovely slim And most bewitching arms. A woman who fasted for 62 days, To prove that the stunt could be done, From hundreds of Scotsmen had letters of praise. And proposals from seventy-one. Sandys Solution A Scot who had ordered some meat from the butcher for his cat came rushing in later to cancel the order. “What’s the matter?” asked the butcher. “Lost your cat?” “No,” answered Sandy, “he’s just caught a mouse.” Say the Word A woman when launching her first ship was a little nervous. She turned to the…

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