War Fare

Issue 11 and Volume 97.

War Fare There’ll Be More of This! Pvt. Sidney Rosenberg of New Rochelle (N. Y.) is at Fort Slocum Hospital recuperating from second degree burns on face and hands sustained when a magnesium flare he had brought home with him from Fort Bragg exploded. The youth, who had emptied the powder, was taking the bomb apart when the propelling charge went off. There oughta be a law! Real “War Dog” Flying robot bombs launched from planes continue to cause casualties in Britain. A small hotel crowded with 35 guests was hit and demolished, killing or injuring most of the occupants. When rescuers were delayed in locating and reaching casualties a specially trained British war dog was put to work. The dog worked his way into the wreckage sniffed about for some moments, then began to scratch. “This is it!” shouted a rescue man, and digging began again. A boy, 10,…

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