Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 12 and Volume 97.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Davey H. D. Truck Power Take-Off On Crash Trucks Modern crash trucks on duty in the nation’s airports embody many features giving them speed, mobility over rough terrain, and ability to push in close to blazing planes with their monitor and portable nozzles delivering water-spray at pressures of 600 pounds and over. thus providing rescuers and firemen with a protective “waterfog.” Some of these trucks discharge carbon dioxide; some foam under pressure; some a combination of both, with “waterfog.” Many of the crash trucks operate with a single motor which drives both the automotive and pumping mechanisms through the application of the Davey Truck Power Take-Off, a product of the Davey Compressor Company of Kent, Ohio. The ability to transmit power from the truck’s engine to the high pressure pumping equipment is said to save the cost of an auxiliary engine and the space it would require in…

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