Current Techniques in Fighting Aircraft Crash Fires

Issue 12 and Volume 97.

Current Techniques in Fighting Aircraft Crash Fires Latest Methods Developed by Airport Crash Fire Fighters Suggest Procedures for Municipal Fire Services THE need for equipment and trained firemen fo,r safeguarding lives at airplane crash fires is apparent. Credit must be given the Navy and Army Air Corps, by and with advice from consultant engineers, for development of apparatus and equipment presently used. The evolution of such dates back about ten years, the major part since the war began. Fires resulting from airplane crashes are predominantly gasoline fires and must be treated as such. Their control has been handicapped by having to transport all extinguishing agents to the crash, consequently equipment has been designed to get the greatest value from extinguishants carried. Municipal departments will not have this difficulty, at crashes occurring within its city limits, because it is to be assumed that adequate quantities of water will be available. Extinguishing…

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