Issue 12 and Volume 97.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Wherein are answered questions relating to curent problems in Fire Protection. Maximum Lift When Drafting Water To the Editor: We have a tank with three different depths, namely, 40, 60 and 80 feet. Three pumps of equal power and capacity are to start pumping simultaneously. No water is to enter the tank. Original amount only is involved. Since 33.8 feet is the theoretical height atmospheric pressure will raise water, A claims that all three pumps will lose their water at the same time when the water is lowered to that depth. B claims that once a pump starts to lift water the weight of the water itself will keep feeding the pump after a depth of 33.8 feet is reached, since the pressure is greater where the depth of water is greater. A claims this pressure due to weight of water is not a factor in lifting…

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