Small Town “Conflagration”

Issue 5 and Volume 98.

Small Town “Conflagration” It has been said that few large fires are the result of any single factor. Usually the fire that “gets away” is caused by a combination of errors and misfortunes—a lot of little things that went wrong—-as one chief expresses it. Such appears to have been the case in Mauston. Wis., where a $75,000 fire completely destroyed five store buildings, heavily damaged a sixth and threatened the entire town despite the valiant efforts put forth by four fire departments. The Mauston fire involved a chain store (in which the fire originated), a barber shop, bakery, cafe and dress shop, all two-story structures, most of them frame, in the center of the town. The fire was discovered at 8:30 a. m. and when the first firemen arrived, the chain store was well involved. It was apparent that aid would be needed and Chief John R. Smith sent out…

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