Retirement Systems in 858 Communities

Issue 8 and Volume 98.

Retirement Systems in 858 Communities Retirement systems for municipal employes are in operation in 81 per cent, or 858, of the nation’s cities of more than 10,000 population, the International City Managers Association reported recently. Forty-five of the communities joined the list this year, though most of the 45 adopted their plans in 1944. The municipal pension systems are of two types: all classes of employes are covered in the first type, in operation in 379, or 36.7 per cent, of the cities with retirement systems; only part of the employes are covered in the second type, in operation in 479 of the cities. Slightly more than two-thirds of the latter cities provide coverage for fire and police employes only Minimum and compulsory retirement ages applying to municipal or general employes (other than police or firemen) of 360 cities reporting this information vary to some degree, according to the association’s…

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