Why Panics in Public Assembly?

Issue 8 and Volume 98.

Why Panics in Public Assembly? PANIC stricken people differ from those citizens we meet every day and it is important for firemen to know why they are different, what causes the change front normalcy and what they may be expected to do. People have been drawn together in war industrial communities, causing heavier congestions than ever before, with the result that our theatres, night clubs and all places of public assembly are overcrowded. Each year there are examples of panic stricken persons being carried to their death through fire scares—real or imagined, through alarms of every nature from earthquake to hurricane and through no apparent reason at all. We read newspaper accounts of such panics but somehow it never seems to occur to us that we may be present when a panic is in process of forming, or that as firemen we might be able to cope with a panic…

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