182 Years Young

Issue 8 and Volume 98.

182 Years Young Claiming to be one of the oldest fire companies in continuous service, Haddon, N. J., Fire Company No. 1 has celebrated its 182nd vear. On March 8, 1764, twenty-three citizens formed what was then called the “Friendship Fire Company.” Women had a part in that early organization: the by-laws provided that if a member died “the widow shall be aided and assisted during the time of her widowhood—her duty was to keep the fire buckets in readiness and repair and sent to each fire.” Penalties were inflicted for failure to turn out to fires, and meetings, and for failing to care for buckets. Despite several changes in name, the company has been in continuous service. From 1764 to 1811 it was the Friendship Fire Company; from 1811 to 1857 it was known as the Fire Company of Haddonfield; from 1857 to 1887 it was the Haddonfield Fire…

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