Brush Rayon Hazardous

Issue 8 and Volume 98.

Brush Rayon Hazardous Data released by the office of the Ontario Fire Marshal, Wm. J. Scott, K. C., throws added light on the hazards in certain types of rayon clothing. The Marshal’s office investigated seven fires that occurred in what were classified as “brush rayon” sweaters while worn by individuals in two Canadian cities. A 16-vear-old boy getting off a street car started to light a cigarette, when his sweater began to burn. A small boy was out playing and his sweater caught fire. The boy extinguished the flame by rolling on the ground as he was taught to do by the Boy Scouts. A man sitting in a cafe lit a match and his sweater started to burn. The storekeeper where he had bought it replaced it with a similar sweater, and as the man walked down the street, a policeman noticed that the back of his sweater was…

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