Iron Fireman Has Second Serious Fire

Issue 9 and Volume 98.

Iron Fireman Has Second Serious Fire The nemesis of fire continues to dog the Iron Fireman Company of Portland, Oregon. On February 2, 1944, the company suffered an estimated $2,000,000 loss and Portland experienced one of the most costly and spectacular fires in its history, when a raging blaze destroyed the west side war production plant, at the time engaged in making Liberty ship engines. Now, fire has played a repeat performance and although the property loss was less than that in the initial blaze, there were more tragic consequences insofar as personnel is concerned. On August 23 a blast so severe that housewives fifty-five blocks away were reported knocked from their chairs, furniture was shaken and alarm clocks set off for miles around (a 100-foot square section of corrugated metal roof was reported thrown 100 feet into the air, after which it fell back again, exactly into place) occurred…

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