Twin Residential Fires Attest Value of Fog

Issue 9 and Volume 98.

Twin Residential Fires Attest Value of Fog Unusual Opportunity Provided for Comparative Analysis of Water Fog vs. Straight Stream STUDENTS of fire fighting generally agree that the outstanding advance in fire suppression strategy and technique during the war has been the increased use of water fog as an extinguishing agent. Not since the days when the gasoline “devil wagon” first challenged the future of the faithful beloved old “hayburner,” the fire horse, has there been so much furor over anything affecting the fire service as there has been over “fog.” Although admitting its importance in the scheme of fire protection, not all the written and oral outpouring has been affirmative in tone. Perhaps the most common rejoinder of the skeptics to the claims of proponents of water fog is that “fog may be all right for Class B fires, but you’ve got to show me what it’ll do on Class…

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