With the Editor

Issue 9 and Volume 98.

With the Editor Caveat Emptor By this time the whole country knows that the left-over OCD emergency fire fighting equipment is to be dumped upon the market on a basis of “you takes what you gits.” In offering the thousands of pumping units, and attendant accessories such as hose, ladders, fittings, etc., the Department of Commerce, which is the dispensing agency, makes no claim for its quality or value, nor will it assume any responsibility for performance, or anything else, except to collect the money and deliver the goods. The risk is entirely with the purchaser. However, from what is not said, more than what is said about the products and the proceedings, the idea is built up that these units and accessories are honest-to-goodness bargains for any municipality or any fire department. The prices quoted for the units, pumpers with or without individual accessories, and the statement that the…

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