Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 12 and Volume 98.

Short Cuts and Gadgets MORE ON EXTINGUISHING CHIMNEY FIRES From J. Emory Parks, Cambridge, Md., conies still another suggestion for putting out chimney fire;—but let reader Parks tell it in his own words: In an earlier issue of FIRE ENGINEERING appeared an article showing extinguishment of chimney fires by use of a small tank and extension pipe to hook over the top of the chimney. Our method is simpler than that and less messy insofar as water damage is concerned. Further, you don’t even have to put your hand in the chimney hole to put out the fire. We use a regular chimney hose outfit, 1/2-inch size, which is suitable for and equipped with a device to snap on to any kind of kitchen or bathroom faucet. The hose being about SO feet long enables us to go to the chimney hole, either upstairs or down. The nozzle or tip,…

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