Manufactures’ Announcements

Issue 12 and Volume 98.

Manufactures’ Announcements New Extinguishers by Union Stop-Fire The Union Stop-Fire Corp., Brooklyn, N. Y., manufacturers of precision parts, is now engaged in the manufacture of fire extinguishers. Three types are at present in production, one an automotive model, bracketed for easy mounting on the steering column of a motor car, which is little larger than a flashlight and which employs Methyl Bromide as the extinguishing agent. The second is the Stop-Fire One-Quart Stored Pressure Model (using carbon tetrachloride precharged with COa) which it is claimed, is tinonly one-quart pressure type now on the market. This model is designed for effective operation on grease, oil, electrical and stove fires. In operation the extinguishing agent is atomized by means of a specially designed valve into a gas, which it is said, will not harm fabrics or papers, and is a non-conductor of electricity. The third StopFire Model is a one-quart pump-type haying…

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