Issue 1 and Volume 99.

The ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems FIRE PREVENTION MEASURES DURING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS THE Yule-tide season is a happy one for the majority of Americans, but to the fireman it produces nothing but headaches. Stores are crowded to capacity and counters loaded with inflammable goods. Christmas trees and decorations are profuse and, were it not for the ever-prepared fire department, might be made of inflammable materials. In addition, many churches, schools and clubs hold Christmas parties in packed halls. Dry Christmas trees add to the hazards, as well as do strings of Christmas tree lights that are not always “Approved by the Underwriters’ Laboratories.” How the fire departments of the nation handle these holiday problems is covered in this round table,_ which will be continued in the February issue. Readers are invited to send in their comments on this subject, which appears in…

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