Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 1 and Volume 99.

Manufacturers’ Announcements New Dugas Mine Fire-Fighting Car The Dugas Division of Ansul Chemical Co., Marinette, Wis., has developed a new mine fire-fighting car for use in coal mines. Built at the request of a large Pennsylvania coal mine, the car had its initial successful test when it made a four-mile run into a mine and quickly extinguished a fire which is said to have had a thirty-five minute headway. Upon the chassis of a standard mine car, the Ansul mine fire-fighting unit carries three 300-pound tanks of Dugas Dry Chemical, two of which operate through 100-foot hose lines while the single tank has 50 feet of hose. The dry chemical tanks are powered by three nitrogen cylinders located behind the chemical tanks. The car also carries 100 gallons of water, with a reel and 100 feet of hose, and nozzle that will deliver straight stream or spray. The water is…

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