This Is Progress!

Issue 1 and Volume 99.

This Is Progress! ABOUT now, fire chiefs are assembling the factual story of the year’s operations and accomplishments of their departments to render accounting of their stewardships. We, too, have been doing a bit of figuring! And our “vice-president-in-charge-of-vital-statistics” comes forth with some conclusions that simply cannot be pigeonholed. For instance, do you know, says he, that in 1945 FIRE ENGINEERING published more editorial material for its readers than it has at any time in the last 20 years? Further, that it carried more manufacturers’ announcements, and published more advertising volume, than in any other year going back at least 25 years? And finally, that in 1945, its staff answered more reader requests for counsel and information (on everything from what makes water “wetter” to how large is a hose thread) than it has in any other single year in decades! This must mean something! For one thing, it’s pretty…

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