Mysterious Explosion Kills Five

Issue 1 and Volume 99.

Mysterious Explosion Kills Five Five persons were killed and five injured, in an unexplained, shattering explosion that destroyed a downtown warehouse-apartment in Santa Barbara, Calif., December 26. The mysterious blast, which rocked the city, shattering hundreds of windows in the business area, was heard and felt ten miles away. The concussion set off burglar alarms throughout the city, and bank guards were rushed to the Bank of America, a block east of the disaster, where plate glass window had been shattered. The victims of the explosion, and fire which followed, with a single exception lived in the Palomar Apartments above the bottling works, at the corner of Ahapala and Cota streets. The exception, a woman, was visiting her sister who also was killed. Reported most seriously injured of those hospitalized was tlie driver of the truck which is believed to have been the source of the blast, Anthony Berta. Truck…

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