Firemen’s Pool Plan Proposed for Scotland

Issue 1 and Volume 99.

Firemen’s Pool Plan Proposed for Scotland A plan to create a national pool of firemen, on which local authorities could draw for fire personnel in the event of Fire Services being again placed under local control, has been suggested in Scotland. This is the latest move in the long drawn out controversy between the Government, local authorities and the National Fire Service in Britain. Over the war years control of the N.F.S. has been centralized, and local authorities, which formerly operated their own services, reduced greatly in importance and almost entirely in control. Now these local authorities are anxious to have their own brigades back and have been discussing with the Scottish Office the future policy. It is intended to offer some 2000 men a permanent career in the various fire services in Scotland and to allow as many of the present N.F.S. men as wish to remain to do…

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