Radar Plane Blaze Puzzles Army

Issue 3 and Volume 99.

Radar Plane Blaze Puzzles Army That the atom bomb and radar may have a direct bearing upon postwar fire hazards and fire-fighting technique is already fairly well established. Latest evidence comes in the form of a news dispatch which says that the Air Technical Service Command at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, has called upon the Underwriters Laboratories of Chicago to help in finding the answer to a question that is puzzling A.T.S.C. technicians. The question is, does the proximity of airborne radar equipment to combustible materials such as gasoline constitute a fire hazard to aircraft? The A.T.S.C. technicians believe no such fire hazard exists. However, it is disclosed that early in 1945 they received a “U.R.” (unsatisfactory report) from an A.A.F. unit overseas. Fire for which no cause could be found bad developed in a radar-equipped plane. After eliminating one possibility after another, the personnel overseas expressed the opinion the…

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