Issue 3 and Volume 99.

FALSE ALARMS Old Fashioned A woman said that she and her husband always argued over who should get up and give the baby his bottle at 2 a.m. feeding time. I asked an older woman sitting next to me who in her family hail got up to feed the babies at night. “Well,” she mused, “it certainly wasn’t my husband. You see, we didn’t have bottles in those days!” Young Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to get the ice man a bracer, but hubby came in and instead of the gin. the ice man got only the chaser. An apple for the teacher Is a routine for the fool. I’ll bring mine Four Roses And hope she keeps me after school. DEFINITION : A Curbstone Farmer is a farmer who has his liabilities in the country and his assets in town. Unnecessary A wife went to buy a drinking…

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