Short Cuts and Gadgets

Issue 9 and Volume 99.

Short Cuts and Gadgets TO DESIGNATE WATER SUPPLIES William N. Schwartz, Ocean Grove, N. J., offers this idea for making easier the job of locating hydrants and water supplies in rural or suburban areas. He says: “While riding through Basking Ridge, N. J., I noticed a large white arrow painted in the center of the black oil, tar, or asphalt streets. Each arrow pointed to a fire plug. This in my opinion was a very good idea for a volunteer department as it shows up the location of the fire hydrant day or night to the driver of the apparatus.” The arrow was shaped like a plumb bob, according to Mr. Schwartz. Ed:—This same idea has been used to designate wells and concealed sources of water, and for flush hydrants on city streets, by large and small communities. In some instances the “arrow” or other indicator, says “FIRE” to differentiate…

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