What’s Burning

Issue 2 and Volume 100.

What’s Burning THE following list includes fires of $10,000 loss and over in the United States and Canada for the month of January, 1947. Cotton Plant, Ark.—Panel Mill, Southwest Veneer Co. destroyed, including large quantity finished woods and several pieces of newly delivered equipment. Calgary, Alta.—Plt. of Western Gypsum, Ltd., destroyed. Short circuit. Broadus, Mont.—Star Theatre destroyed. Faulty furnace. Vancouver, B. C.—Seaview School in Kitsilano district destroyed. Arson. Kansas City, Mo.— Brookside Theatre bldg, dam aged. East Texas, Pa.—Barn on William Seem farm destroyed Gasoline explosion. Albany. N. Y.—Whse. and office bldgs., waterfront section, occupied by Colony Liquor Distributing Co. and John Vogel Trucking Co., damaged. Jeffersonville, Ind.—Bldg., downtown section, occupied by three stores and four offices, damaged. Bar Harbor, Me.—A. B. and J. R. Hodgkins Co., woodworker, destroyed. Boston, Mass.—Wit Bldg., waterfront, destroyed. West Springfield, Mass.—Grandstand and paddock of West Springfield dog track destroyed. Belding, Mich.—Business block occupied by…

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