Issue 2 and Volume 100.

FALSE ALARMS Remembered Lesson “Why,” said the First Aider arriving at the regular meeting, “yesterday I was sitting at home when I heard a terrific crash. Two cars had turned over in front of our gate. One woman had a deep cut in her arm, two men had broken legs, and another severe lacerations of the face. But, thank heaven, I remembered what you had taught me, put my head between my knees—and didn’t faint.” When the world seems sad and blue, Think of this because it’s true. In the graveyard there’s lots of guys Who’d gladly change with you. “Sorry, Madam, but licenses are issued only when your form is filled out properly.” “Why, I like your nerve, sir. We can get married, no matter what I look like.” “Now,” she asked, “is there any man in the audience who would let his wife be slandered and say nothing?…

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