Issue 4 and Volume 100.

The ROUND TABLE For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Department and Fire Management Problems JUVENILES — AND ARSON JUVENILE delinquency is rated one of the nation’s worst post-war evils. And it is related directly to the nation’s fire service, and its heavy fire losses. Just how serious the combination of irresponsible juveniles and fire has become is set forth in this issue of the Round Table. Scarcely a single respondent among those chiefs queried on the subject but what has experienced numerous cases of juvenile fire setting in his community. Some of these set fires resulted in heavy loss of property—and in certain instances of lives. What’s the answer? Here, there is less agreement on the suggested cures than there is on the effects of the disease. This topic is sufficiently important to warrant its continued study. For this reason, readers are invited to send in their comments with supporting…

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