Manufacturers’ Announcements

Issue 4 and Volume 100.

Manufacturers’ Announcements Rockwood Introduces New “WaterFOG” Cellar Pipe Fire officers who have been looking for improved methods of applying water fog in cellar fires will be interested in this new Rockwood all aluminum-alloy “WaterFog” cellar pipe for fighting fires in ordinary combustibles and flammable liquids. It is said to be easy to handle in action, is sturdy, compact, light in weight and is resistant to corrosion. The new nozzle is designed with arms that extend horizontally to prevent the nozzle from dropping through the hole prepared for it, and also to steady the unit when in operation. These arms can be folded against the nozzle for compactness in carrying. The nozzle itself is long enough to clear beams, joists and other obstructions, when inserted in cellar or attic. The “WaterFog” head, which discharges high velocity water fog, rotates without leakage or friction on precision thrust-bearings. When in operation, the head…

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