Issue 9 and Volume 100.

The ROUND TABLE EXTINGUISHING DUMP FIRES For Practical Discussion of Current Fire Deoartment and Fire Management Problems Fire Chiefs are almost unanimous in their belief that as long as garbage and rubbish are dumped in the open within the municipal limits, there will be disagreeable work for fire departments. It was nothing for some cities to have one or more dump fires every week. And the problem of curing the messy evil is still a headache in many municipalities. In this issue chiefs tell about their experiences—and more to the point— offer some sound advice on the best way to meet and beat the problem. Readers are invited to send in their comments on this subject which will be continued in the October issue. Address communications to Round Table Editor, 24 West 40 Street, New York18, N. Y. Discussion of the Topic W. G. Middleman, Chief, Burlington, Ia.: Open rubbish…

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