Novel Mechanical “Fly” for Fire Rescues

Issue 11 and Volume 100.

Novel Mechanical “Fly” for Fire Rescues An unusual apparatus, the Bernett Mechanical Fly, which is designed to aid firemen in reaching the high blaze, was demonstrated to Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department officials in September. The mobile device is expected to climb the exterior of buildings. It is small enough to be transported on an ordinary truck. Willis J. Bernett, inventor of the Fly, put his device through its paces. First he climbed into the motorcycle-type seat of the Fly, fastened clips around his trouser cuffs, then pushed on a foot pedal which started the machine’s 2-cylinder gasoline engine. The device rolled along the ground on its tricycle wheels until it came to a vertical steel beam to which was attached heavy gear teeth. The Fly, which resembles a sort of open air elevator, started to crawl up the beam. “It’s the rack and pinion principle,” the inventor told the…

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