Decatur Builds Tower

Issue 11 and Volume 100.

Decatur Builds Tower The first drill tower of the Decatur, Ill., Fire Department has been erected on Lake Decatur, the south entrance of the City on U. S. Route 51, in a sylvan park area. Groundscaping has transformed the site from a weed infested place to one of rustic beauty. The location permits the training of personnel in pump operations—hydrant and draft, as well as in the normal drill tower evolutions. In addition to the lake, from which apparatus can draft, there is a fire hydrant located about 100 feet from a 20-inch main, which furnishes ample water. The base of the tower is built heavily to withstand reasonable storm. The base also extends far enough out from the wood framework so that the tower can be bricked up when labor and materials are more plentiful. The lumber for the tower and supporting timbers was obtained from dismantled box cars…

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