Issue 2 and Volume 101.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemanic news of the day “X-Curricular” Jobs! In Westfield, Mass., a thin fireman rescued a chimney sweep who was trapped about halfway down a 40-foot chimney for nearly an hour. The victim, Kenneth Lincoln 47, was caught, it’s said, when he climbed into a chimney top and down nearly 25 feet to clear out a stuck cleaning stone. Lincoln’s muffled cries brought firemen and police. They lowered a rope, but the victim was wedged too tightly to reach for it. They tried removing bricks front the attic section of the chimney, but Lincoln was too far down to be grasped. Finally a fireman (orchids to the unknown) volunteered to go down head first with a rope on him. He got a grip on the chimney sweep, and both were hauled to the roof. Lincoln required hospital treatment. The fireman required a bath! [Thanks J.K.] Hot…

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